This is Us – February 2018

  Gary and Michelle Stevens started their life in Georgia 20 years ago. Originally from Lexington Kentucky, Gary, previously and Army Ranger Sniper, went to work doing executive protection employed during volatile corporate situations. One short assignment brought him to Michigan and on Michelle’s first day of a new job, her office had a bomb threat, so in walked Gary. Two months later Gary moved to Michigan, they got married on Mackinac Island, a victorian island in northern Michigan, and shortly after moved to Marietta, Georgia. They began their family and have four children. In 2012 they decided to pursue becoming a foster family. On that journey God placed two more children in their family by way of adoption. The many children they have fostered, currently 25, have led them to see the gaping holes in the system. Currently they are developing a nonprofit to help these children.

The four oldest children joined choir as an introduction to Midway in 2013. Gary explained, “It was an instant fit the first time we visited to hear our children sing at the Reformation Conference weekend. We had just begun the process of finding a new church home and unanimously our family knew we found it at Midway. The sound teaching and reverent worship was just what we were looking for. The multi-generational congregation has made a huge difference!” Michelle added, “Our church has been intricately involved with many of our foster children at surprising levels that only God could orchestrate”

The Stevens children, Gabby 18, Trevor 17, Aniston 15, Garrett 11, Elijah 5 and Lydia 4 have always been homeschooled. Gabby is currently enrolled at Truett McConnell University.

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