This is Us – April 2018

Hank and Ginger were relocated to Marietta from Greenville, SC by his company in 2016. Finding Midway was a key part of their decision to relocate. They both understood the critical importance of being part of a solid, biblically sound reformed church. The warm, loving reception they received at Midway along with the solid expository teaching in a traditional worship setting resulted in Midway quickly becoming a very important part of their life.
They were blessed to have been members of the Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, GA and the Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC before relocating to Marietta and becoming part of the Midway family.
 The Lord has blessed them with two sons, four grandchildren and 46 years as husband and wife. Ginger’s passion is evangelism, especially to children through the Good News Club which Midway supports at Still Elementary. The Good News Club is an after school program in the public schools where the gospel is clearly presented to the children in a fun but reverent setting. Ginger is also an active member of the Midway Choir which has been an additional blessing. Hank is a licensed Civil Engineer and manages engineering, construction and environmental compliance from Georgia to Texas and from Nashville, TN to Puerto Rico with the help of his team of Environmental Managers located throughout the southeast.

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