This is Us – July 2018

Ronny and Laura Hull have been at Midway for a little over one year. Ronny was born and raised in Marietta, GA and is the fourth of seven siblings. Laura was born and raised in Dekalb County and is the youngest of three siblings. They met shortly after Ronny moved to Athens, GA in 2014 where Laura was attending the University of Georgia. Laura, like her husband, received a B.F.A in art with an emphasis in sculpture. They were married one year later in September 2015.

Ronny is working at Midway as the youth intern and has just completed his first year at Reformed Theological Seminary Atlanta. He plans to graduate with a Masters of Divinity in hopes of becoming a pastor. Laura is working part-time at her father-in-law’s dental office and makes jewelry in her spare time.

Ronny and Laura both love metalworking and working with their hands.  They enjoy traveling, studying art and culture and spending time with friends.  They are thankful for the rich community they have found at Midway in the past year.  They have been encouraged by the generosity they have seen at Midway and the friendliness of its members. They have loved working with the Youth at Midway.  Ronny’s favorite part about working with the youth is getting to share with them Our amazing God. Laura has loved spending time with the high school girls, especially at their weekly bible study where they get to know each other better and pray for one another.

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