This is Us- January 2018

The Prices moved to the Atlanta area from North Carolina in 2014 and began visiting Midway Presbyterian Church shortly thereafter. Dale and Denise recently became members and the whole family regularly attends Sunday School and church. Dale, an Orlando native and former musician and hot rod enthusiast, is a product management director for a banking software company in Alpharetta. Denise was also a musician in school, worked in Human Resources before transitioning to be a stay-at-home mom, and then became a preschool teacher. She now teaches at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church. Dale and Denise are both grads from the 2018 Peach Bowl champion University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) and met while both worked at Sea World. Shannon (18) is a senior at Harrison High School where she sings soprano in chorus, and she has been riding horses for eight years. Shannon has been accepted by Kennesaw State University and is interested in nursing. Lauren (15) is a freshman at Harrison where she plays the violin in orchestra. She has also started to learn to play the cello and is thinking of taking theater and joining the drama club next year. Nick (11) is in the 5th grade at Vaughan Elementary School. His favorite sport is football and he usually plays in a flag football league each fall. Miller (7) is fat and lazy, talks a lot, and never takes off his socks. Chloe (7) is extremely shy, hiding from strangers and never leaving the house. Miller and Chloe are cats.



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