This is Us-May 2017

Ed and Leah Knox moved from Columbia, Tennessee to Dallas, Georgia in 2005 and have been attending Midway ever since. Ed and his wife Julie were blessed with their first and only child Leah, which they adopted straight from her birth. She is now 18 and will be attending Truett McConnell University come Fall 2017. Julie Knox, who passed away July 18th, 2015, fought cancer for 2 and a half years before she joined her King in heaven. Ed Knox works for Allergan as a pharmaceutical sales representative and has been with Allergan Botox for most all of his career.

Ed and Julie met through Ed’s sister Sally, dated for 3 months and got engaged. They had a beautiful marriage for 26 years that was centered around God and His grace which continuously blessed and covered them. Although they could not have children of their own, they had the opportunity to adopt Leah after 10 years of marriage and have loved her unconditionally since. Julie only had 16 years on this earth with her daughter, but Leah is immensely thankful for the time that she did have with her wonderful mother.

Julie and Ed both were born and raised in South Georgia- Ed in Albany and Julie in Arlington, about 45 minutes apart. They were living in Montgomery, Alabama before they adopted Leah, then moved 10 months later where Ed’s job took them to Columbia, Tennessee. Many lifelong friends were made in Tennessee, especially at the church they attended, Covenant Pres. in Nashville. It was vital that they find a solid, reformed Presbyterian church upon their move to Georgia, and thankfully Midway was found and they have attended ever since.

We are tremendously thankful for the love and support we have received from the church body at Midway through the tragic loss we have undergone of our beloved wife and mother.










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