Welcome To Midway Presbyterian Church

Midway Presbyterian Church, although over 160 years in existence, is a vibrant and living congregation that loves Christ and seeks to honor his inerrant Word in all of life.Traditional Worship

  • Our worship is based on God’s Word and intends to give reverence and honor to him.
  • Our sermons and teaching ministries seek to open up his Word to us.
  • Our fellowship is based on the work of the Holy Spirit among us.
  • Our ministries are all intended to lead to maturity in Christ.
  • Our mission is to bear witness to Christ’s saving work and reach the lost.

As such, many visitors are seeking a church like Midway since we are:

  • committed to proven truths (not experimentation or fads);
  • eager to hold up God (not ourselves);
  • enthusiastic about being all that God wants us to be (not wishing to be stagnant);
  • unafraid of embracing the historic, classic faith of the Christian Church (not convinced that all trends are always right).

We extend a cordial welcome to all who visit us, regardless of age, race, or background. You are invited to join with us and benefit from a mature ministry to the whole family. Thank you for visiting and we hope this might become a church home for you. Welcome and God bless!


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