The purpose of the church nursery ministry is to provide a welcoming, nurturing atmosphere for the nursery age children of our members and visitors, which honors the Lord and supports the parents in the care and education of their children, in a consistently safe, clean and wholesome facility through a caring, qualified, and motivated nursery staff.
Nursery MinistryIn our Nursery, our Sunday School classes study the curriculum of Great Commission Publications called “Show Me Jesus”. Teaching our two and three year olds to know that Jesus is God’s Son, to thank him for all our blessings, and to follow Jesus by loving Him are just some of our aims in the Nursery Ministry.

Nursery Hours

Sunday Morning for Sunday School and Worship Service
9:30 am – 12:15 pm

Sunday Evening Worship Service
5:45 pm – 7:15pm

Tuesday Morning for the Ladies Bible Studies: Circle of Grace, and Ruth Circle
9:45 am – 12:00 pm

Wednesday Evening for  Bible Study and Adult Choir Practice

Reservations Needed for Special Events

Please, if you are planning to bring your Nursery-aged child during any of our Special Events, call to reserve a place for you child to ensure that we have enough trained staff on hand.
Call Jennifer Nichols at (404) 643-3678 or email


The nursery is provided for newborns to 3-year old children. Care of children four years of age (before September 1 of the year) and older is provided by the Children’s Nursery Ministry proceduresMinistry through their educational programs.


At check in,  parent signing in the child will supply contact information and cell phone should be available. If the nursery staff has a question/problem concerning your child, a text or call will be made and you should return to the Nursery area.

Nursing Mothers

A Nursing Room is available near the nursery Patio Welcome Station for nursing mothers. A changing table with supplies is also available in the Lambs Room for your convenience. A TV is in there with a live stream of the worship service in the sanctuary. Stop at the Nursery Station to enter the Nursing Room.

Our Nursery Ministry Goal

To trust the Lord Jesus Christ in providing for the nursery ministry. Childcare is what we do, but biblically we provide consistent opportunities for parents to know and grow in their knowledge of Jesus as their Lord and Nursery Ministry VolunteersSavior. We provide opportunities for whole families to serve the Lord in a playful, fun way, and therefore they model being the Lord’s servants to the Nursery children. Most importantly, we teach our covenant children to pray, to sing, and learn about God and His Son using the Great Commission Publication, “Show Me Jesus” curriculum for the two and three year olds.


Psalm 143:10a says, “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God.” Serving the Lord in the Nursery Ministry is a wonderful example to our covenant children. They learn more from our actions than from our words. Be aNursery Ministry Goal volunteer and we will schedule you only one Sunday every 5 to 6 weeks. Your reward may come immediately from cuddly hugs and snugly friends to read to and you will be rewarded knowing that you have touched a life for eternity! Please feel free to fill out a Nursery Volunteer Response Card located in the pew rack and place it in the offering plate.

We always need volunteers to join our Nursery Ministry. Such a wonderful way to serve the Lord watching our youngest covenant children. No dirty work involved since our staff handles all diapers, trash and potty trips.  Please email or call Jennifer Nichols to reserve your place. Call Jennifer Nichols at (404) 643-3678 or email

Nursery Staff

Thanks to our Nursery Staff for making this the best place for our youngest covenant children. Our volunteers and children are supervised closely by our very qualified and wonderful staff that are all Midway Members:

Nursery Sunday School Teachers

Our Nursery Twos and Threes receive a very Scriptural teaching through GCP Curriculum, ‘Show Me Jesus’ taught by these talented families:

Tonie Negron
Jackie & Dan Searles
Cindy & John Tartal
Kim Washington

Thank you so much for your sweet love and dedication to these Nursery Ministry classes.

CPR & FIRST AID TRAINING: All of our Nursery Supervisors are current in CPR & First Aid Training, mostly due to the training offered to everyone annually each fall sponsored by the Nursery Ministry.