ACTS, which stands for “Acclaiming Christ Through Stewardship,” was begun in 2015, when Midway paid off its 2009 Building Project. When that debt was retired, the operating budget amount that had been used to pay our mortgage was devoted to strategic ministry and mission initiatives.

Thus, an ambitious project was begun: to repay the Lord for his blessings to us by not spending these monies on ourselves but by investing (over $3 million by 2019) the Lord’s resources—as an act of stewardship—to support projects and ministry far beyond this church and beyond most norms.

ACTS is led by a seven member board that reports regularly to the Midway Session. It focuses on giving grants for 4 primary initiatives:

  1. Pastoral training among nationals from outside the United States;s
  2. Church planting to establish specifically reformed and confessional churches;
  3. Promoting conferences that further Reformed Worship and Faith; and
  4. Translation of sound materials or classics into other languages.

In its first 5 years, ACTS supported works such as:

  • Orphanages, a Bible college, and church planters in Saigon and throughout Vietnam;
  • The training of pastors and assisting with church plants, a medical clinic, and an orphanage in Haiti;
  • Translations of classic Christian works into numerous languages (Spanish, German, Albanian, Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Chinese, and Russian, among others);
  • Sending expert lecturers to teach on Reformed Worship and expository preaching;
  • Planting churches in Maryland, New York, Michigan, Florida, Massachusetts, South Carolina, etc.;
  • Building lasting seminary buildings or training centers in India, Ukraine, Zambia, England, and Scotland;
  • Sending numerous scholarships for Christian education to various seminaries (for nationals) and directly to Uganda, Haiti, India, the Congo, Mexico, etc.
  • Investing in one-time buildings or projects that are well-beyond the normal missions budget.

Gifts may be given to ACTS, and it is guided by a Charter that guides us and holds to our core principles. This ministry arm is founded on Jesus’ teaching that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” And ACTS seeks to sow the seeds of the gospel broadly, seizing the strategic opportunities that the Lord gives us with other partners, who share our faith.

If you would like to know more about our investments since 2015 please follow this link.