Reformation Worship Conference Cancelled for 2020
  • 4635 Dallas Hwy, Powder Springs, GA 30127

Reformation Worship Conference Cancelled for 2020

Dear Friends and Participants in the Reformation Worship Conference, 

It is with sadness that we need to cancel this year’s Reformation Worship Conference.

You know how much we love this; and we know how much you love this. And we never could have come this far without faithful friends and supporters like you! 

We hope to resume next year (tentatively Oct 25-28, 2021), and perhaps use the phenomenal program we had planned for this year. Surely, our society will be stronger by then. 

I want to share my rationale with you. First, our church has had a superb re-opening. We have had 14 in-person Lord’s Days without incident, we social distance (because of our spacious capacity), and we are back to 90% of morning worship attendance. Every other ministry is also up and running, with the lone exception of choir. And our wonderful Judy Dodd has plans to restart that in September, with modifications. Needless to say, it has taken some considerable effort to get Midway back open. Moreover, nothing is more vital or imperative than God’s people worshiping each Lord’s Day in a real congregation. That is, of course, as we teach, far more important than any conference. And I would not, with rising coronavirus numbers (however interpreted) wish to jeopardize our church’s continuous worship by an extra-curricular event. Our decision in the main is to prioritize Lord’s Day, ordinary means of grace ministry, even if it means postponing a great conference for a year. 

Second, we have no idea about our audience, thus making budgeting and scheduling unpredictable. While most of our friends say they’d love to be here, still not nearly as many people will be willing to fly, drive, stay in a hotel, take meals, rummage through a bookstore, pass in the halls, etc. We just have not been able to sustain our confidence that folks will participate at normal levels. As you know, most other professional conferences have already cancelled for this fall; sadly some churches have announced the suspension of their public worship until 2021. While we do not doubt any of your sincere intentions, there is likely a gap between what we’d “wish” to do and what we’d “actually” do. And we do not wish to pressure any of our kind friends—although many of you would brave almost any elements to attend and support this conference. 

Accordingly, I wish to thank you sincerely for all your support over the years and hope that you’ll join us next year or some future year.  

We will miss you dearly this fall, and continue to hold you in our highest admiration and before our Lord’s throne of grace. 

God bless,
David Hall