From Your Pastor, July 1

From Your Pastor, July 1


Ann and I, along with our entire family, join to wish you and yours a happy July 4th holiday. This one will be far more celebratory than last years!

About a decade ago, I published a small pamphlet about the religious history that evidences itself in the Declaration of Independence and other early colonial American documents. And if you are interested, I’m happy to share this text file with you, if you and yours wish to read something short for the holiday. Yes, this is longer than most devotionals (and no one is obligated to read this), but we want to make sure you have more information not less on vital topics from the Scripture. Please enjoy “Declaring Independence” by clicking on to this free link.

May we all continue to pray for our nation and ask for God’s guidance.

And I send you greetings from the PCA General Assembly in St. Louis, where your Session members are representing you very faithfully. We return on Friday and will look forward to worshiping together on this coming Lord’s Day.

Yes, it was tempting to preach on a political theme, but we will continue our series in Acts 3.

Happy Fourth of July! 
—Pastor Hall

Chapter 23