From Your Pastor, October 24

From Your Pastor, October 24

Saturday Devotionals – Election Sermons

Now that the fall has begun and it’s an election year, a summary of some past sermons might help all of us think about and focus on politics and elections. All the sermons in this series are non-partisan—actually, pre-partisan—so enjoy some biblical meditations. For this weekend, I hope you enjoy the summary of the following fine sermon.

Unlimited Submission and Non-Resistance to the Higher Powers

Colonial thinkers Samuel Adams and Rev. Jonathan Mayhew argued against the innate goodness of man with implicit reference to King George III: “Ambition and lust for power,” they claimed, “are predominant passions in the breasts of most men. . . . power is of a grasping, encroaching nature . . . [it] aims at extending itself and operating according to mere will, whenever it meets with no balance, check, constraint, or opposition of any kind.”[1] That conclusion seemed more and more obvious to many American colonists.

Notwithstanding, that had not always been the case. Previously in 1521, William Tyndale had written characteristically: “[G]overnment per se is divinely ordained by God in the Scriptures; bad rulers were sent by God to chastise the nation for their sins; rebellion causes more harm to innocents than to the guilty.” William Tyndale also exhibited the received Christian consensus: “God hath made the king in every realm judge over all, and over him there is no judge. He that judgeth the king judgeth God, and he that layeth hand on the king layeth hand on God…. If the subjects sin, they must be brought to the king’s judgement. If the king sins, he must be reserved unto the judgement, wrath and vengeance of God.” By 1750, however, that view was roundly challenged.

The remainder of the sermon can be found HERE.