From Your Pastor, October 31

From Your Pastor, October 31

Saturday Devotionals – Election Sermons

Now that the fall has begun and it’s an election year, a summary of some past sermons might help all of us think about and focus on politics and elections. All the sermons in this series are non-partisan—actually, pre-partisan—so enjoy some biblical meditations. For this weekend, I hope you enjoy the summary of the following fine sermon.Calvin on Republicanism—no, not the Party!

Rather than commending either a democracy or a monarchy, Jethro advised Moses and the people to select a plurality of prudent representative leaders (Exodus 18:21).[1] Moses instituted a graduated series of administrations with greater and lesser magistrates, and Calvin asserted that the earliest Hebrew republican government devolved from the divine mind long before the Golden Age of Greco-Roman governance, the Enlightenment, or other modern revolutions.

The early federal scheme adopted in Exodus 18 seemed, to Calvin and his followers (as it had to Aquinas and Machiavelli), to be republicanism. Thus, Calvin viewed the Hebrew Republic as an early instance of being ruled by the consent of the governed.

The remainder of the sermon can be found HERE.