Rev. Vijay Raju – CGM, India

Rev. Vijay Raju – CGM, India

Training Grass root church Leader as Frontier missionaries , thus establish strong biblical churches in the ” way of Christ and His apostles”

CGM is a registered Christian ministry to reach the lost and care the needy, equip the leaders in strong biblical foundation.

CGM’s ministry tasks:

CGM’s ministry tasks:

  1. ACTS network – networking with indigenous churches, training leaders for the ministry . Training grass root village Pastors / leaders in Theology education. We train church leaders Who are unable to access education through any mode, where there is no Internet or electricity available
  2. Church planting in unreached places.
  3. Conducting Leaders Seminars/ Marriage / Business or other seminars benefit for the church and people
  4. Education to poor children/ Orphan Care
  5. Self employment trainings to poor women and girls in Sewing training
  6. Disaster and relief aid
  7. Medical care to needy
  8. Constructions of worship centers
  9. All Social & charity projects

New Resolution of CGM passed on 1 July 2013

  1. All churches will be called “RCI” under Christ Gospel Church
  2. Conducting Seminars / conference are called “Equipping Leaders India”
  3. Orphans / semi Orphans, helping poor & needy is called “Agape Care”
  4. Disaster & Flood relief aid project is called “Noah Project”

Member of:

  • World Evangelical Association
  • World reformed Fellowship
  • Evangelical Fellowship of India
  • Christian Connection for International health

If your heart is for the nation of India, we invite you to partner with us in the above any of the tasks. You can Contact me for more information –

Update regarding worship plans for Sunday, April 5th.

The 11AM Sabbath family worship service this coming Sunday, April 5 will again be broadcast online.