Thursday, October 19
Pastor’s Pre-Conference: Pastoring in the Age of Modernism
9:00      Ministry Amidst Modernism’s Gales – Kent Butterfield                                        
9:50      Modernism in Worship and in the Air – Terry Johnson    
10:40    Modernism’s Contemporarianism of the Creature – Carlton Wynne                        
11:30    Lunch & Discussion After 100 Years, what would Machen think of the PCA? OPC? and URCNA? with Drs. Trueman, Godfrey, & Wynne
12:30    Gospel Reform and Modernism – Jon Payne

Conference: Christianity or Modernism
1:30      Choose this Day – Bob Godfrey                                                      
2:45     Having a Confession: Why Doctrine Mattered to Machen and Must Matter to Us – Chad Van Dixhoorn
3:45      Modernism and Nihilism – Carl Trueman
4:30      How Will History Assess Modernism? – Discussion: with Drs. Godfrey, Trueman, & Van Dixhoorn
5:15      Breakout Sessions: Psalms and Worship – Neill Stewart & Planning and Understanding Sermons – Terry Johnson
6:00      Dinner                                      
7:00      Recital by Arie Motschman
7:30      Worship Service – Speaker TBD          
After Conference – College Student Fellowship

Friday, October 20
8:45      Psalm Sing & Morning Devotional
9:00      Holding a Confession: Machen’s Cautionary Tale for the Modern Church – Chad Van Dixhoorn
10:00    Breakout Sessions: Session & Speaker TBA or Pastoring Amidst Cultural Upheaval – TBA                                                                     
11:00    Breakout Sessions: Psalms and Worship – Neill Stewart and  Modernism and Worship Decline – Terry Johnson                                                                                                         
12:00    Lunch: Student’s Lunch in Youth Room and Pastor’s lunch in School Cafeteria with Kent Butterfield & Carl Trueman
1:30      Machen, Tradition, and Worship – Bob Godfrey
2:15      Modernism and Gender – Carl Trueman        
3:00      Spotlight Fellowships and Podcasters                                                                                               4:00      Breakout Sessions: Preparing Sermons: Not Quite a Master Class –  panelists TBA or Pastoral Role Models and Leadership – Johnson& Godfrey
5:00     Breakout Sessions: Planning and Understanding Sermons – Terry Johnson or Contemporary Topics: Panel – with Hall, Trueman, Butterfield                                                          6:00     Dinner
7:15     How Long Will You Halt Between Opinions? – Preaching by Neil Stewart 

Saturday, October 21
8:00     Breakfast for pastors by the Midway Session
8:45     Psalm Sing                                                                                
9:00     Modernism: Modernism’s Relentless Compromise of Divine Transcendence – Carlton Wynne                                            
10:00   Traditions in Struggle – Speaker to TBA  
11:00   Modernism Next? – Carl Trueman

Sunday, October 22
9:45    Adult Sunday School                                                      
11:00  Lord’s Day Morning Worship, We Have No Other Gospel – Terry Johnson      
6:00    Lord’s Day Evening Worship – Bob Godfrey