Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

One of the central focuses of Midway Presbyterian Church has always been a commitment to supporting missionaries and seeing the gospel of Christ spread throughout the world. While we support various types of people who are called to a diversity of ministries, we have three core values that form the essence of the ministry and people with which we are most involved.

First, Midway emphasizes supporting people who are natural citizens of the lands in which they minister. Because they already know the language and culture of the people to whom they minister, valuable time and resources are spent on the mission itself. We have also observed that indigenous pastors are much more effective in their ministries.

Secondly, Midway emphasizes and values men who are called to Church planting. While there are many potential ministries one might be called to, we see establishing Churches as the highest priority to the success and well-being of present and future believers. Church planting was central to the early Church’s method of evangelizing the world and will continue to be the primary way God gathers and builds up His people.  

Finally—and very much connected to Church planting—Midway values and supports pastor training in foreign lands. Whether men are called to plant Churches or pastor-established Churches, they must be well-trained and qualified to effectively serve God’s people. We believe that God will bless and expand the gospel through the leadership of godly, competent men with appropriate training and experience.

Where does Midway work in missions?

Pastor Training

Midway supports pastor training in the countries of Haiti, Peru, India, Kenya, Nigeria, West Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. We do this through funding scholarships and translation work, building educational buildings, collecting and shipping books, and even sending our people to teach in classrooms in many of these countries.

Church Planting

We also support Church planting through financially supporting missionaries and their support teams, through sending short term mission teams to teach the Bible and evangelize, and through various local fundraising drives that not only allow us to give money, but to build awareness of what God is doing on the mission field.

Short term trips at Midway

Serve the Kingdom on upcoming mission trips

Over the last 20 years, Midway has sent short term teams to countries like Haiti, Peru, England, Albania, Sweden, Romania, India, China, and Myanmar.  We always have an emphasis on the proclamation of God’s Word.

We typically have one or two members who teach local pastors and preach in Churches. Through our partnerships over the years, we have seen many pastors graduate from training centers and become pastors in local Churches.

Often, our teams will teach English classes among locals who wish to improve their language skills. This is always a good opportunity to share the gospel with youth and older adults.

Some of our teams emphasize youth and children’s ministry and gather young people from local areas for Bible studies and recreational-oriented, outreach events. We highly value the importance of the local Church, and the need to connect people coming to faith in Christ with local pastors and believers.